I Love Families!! — Pigeon Forge Family Photos

I say this often… but I really think you’re going to like these photos. I dragged Jamie and her family out to a little field in Wears Valley at 8:30 in the morning so that we could take advantage of the gorgeous morning light. I think the kids were more awake than I was! 🙂 As I was editing, I had a constant smile on my face from looking at the images–I love happy families! Again, I’m going to have to break this story into two posts… too many pictures for just one.You’ll see what I mean.



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So… this is my favorite photograph of the whole session. This little one was happy to play for the camera, and with the light, the colors she is wearing, and that gorgeous expression, it’s just ahhhhhhh.

pigeon forge family photographer pigeon forge photographer

Here it kind of looks like we’re preparing them to run away to the mountains. 🙂

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More to come…

Pigeon Forge Family Photographer

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