Natalia and Kevin — Engaged!

I met these two on a beautiful day in August at Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. It was so sweet to see how the two of them interacted, and hearing about their wedding plans was exciting.

From Natalia:
We are celebrating 9 years together.  

We met when he was my student as he was going through paramedic training and I was working as a paramedic.  We were friends for about a year, doing all kinds of fun things together with a mutual friend (who will be one of his groomsmen) and then he finally worked up the courage to ask me out on an official “date” and the rest is history!  

I am now working as a neonatal ICU nurse at the University of Florida and he continues to work as a fire fighter/ paramedic.  

We LOVE the outdoors, both mountains and the beach, and doing anything you can possibly imagine outside…hiking, mountain biking, tent camping, kayaking, paddle boarding–the list could go on forever–we also love to travel, seeing new places and discovering new things.  

We have decided it’s about time to settle down and make it official.  😀 Ijams Nature Center Engagement Center_0001 Ijams Nature Center Engagement Center_0002 Ijams Nature Center Engagement Center_0003 Ijams Nature Center Engagement Center_0004 Ijams Nature Center Engagement Center_0005 Ijams Nature Center Engagement Center_0006 Ijams Nature Center Engagement Center_0007 Ijams Nature Center Engagement Center_0008 Ijams Nature Center Engagement Center_0009Venue: Ijams Nature Center
Hair and Makeup: Southern Sirens
Photography: Star Noir Photography

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